To begin, click on “Online Standard Precautions.”

How to Register

Next, select “Buy the Course Now” if you are purchasing the course on your own. Alternatively, select “Purchase in Bulk” if you are purchasing courses for multiple employees in your center.

Individual or Bulk

After selecting for individual purchase, choose your preferred course language. Please note that the Spanish version is only a “Spanish Augmented” course.

Select Language

Once you have selected your language, click the “Purchase this Course” button. The course will immediately be added to your cart.

Purchase the Course

If you wish to add other classes to your cart, do so now.

After that, click “Proceed to Checkout.”

In the checkout section, be sure to enter all the required information.

Once you have paid for the course, you can begin immediately – there is no need to sign in.

If you cannot finish the course in one sitting and would like to come back to finish, you are required to login using the Username and Password that was sent to you via email. Be sure to check your spam folder if you do not see the email.


You can pay for another person to take the course. The only requirement is to create a different username for each attendee. You may also change the name of the attendee after paying if the course will be taken under a different name. This is important so that the certificate reflects the name of the person taking the course.

If you have multiple attendees, then make a Bulk Purchase of courses with us.

Change name of student

The course is designed with different lesson sections.

Once you watch the entire video, click on the “Complete Lesson” button to move to the next Lesson.

Complete Lesson

If the Lesson includes a quiz at the end, be sure to click “Take Lesson Quiz.”

Take Lesson Quiz

After completing the quiz, click the “Complete Quiz” button.

If you fail the quiz, click on “Retake Quiz.”

Complete Quiz

After passing the quiz, click the “Next Lesson” button.

Next Lesson

Be sure to read ALL the material in the Conclusion & Resources section. Upon completion, simply click on “Complete Lesson.”

Complete Lesson

After reading all the material and upon completion, simply click on “Go To Certificate.”

Go to certificate

You will then see a “View Certificate” button where you can access your certificate. Print and/or download your certificate from there.

If you do not see a “View Certificate” button, it is because you failed to complete the last lesson. Go back to “Conclusion & Resources” Lesson and be sure to read all the material.

View certificate

You can change the name of the trainee before or after completing the course. Please note that you must use the legal name of the trainee on your certificate.

Simply go back to the “Introduction” Lesson of the course, then click on “Change Name of Student.”

Alternatively, you can change the name in “Account Details.”

Change name of student

If you need to reprint your certificate after some time for whatever reason (lost your certificate, etc.), simply scroll down to the footer menu and click on the “My Courses” link in the menu.

My Courses

You can then view, print, and/or download your previous certificates. Please note that your certificate will only show for courses you have completes, so be sure to select the correct course certificate.

Reprint Certificate

You can reset your password in your Account Details. Your original password will have been sent to your email after purchase of your class.