Medication Administration

Allergy Health Care Plan

Asthma Health Care Plan

Accepting Medications Checklist

Parent and Physician Permission

Med Incident Report

Medication Administration Log

Medication Disposal Form

Controlled Medications Administration Record

Controlled Medications Count Log

Self Carry Contract

Student Guide for Medication Administration

CPR/AED & Basic First Aid

Virtual CPR & First Aid Policies

Emergency Plan Logs & Drills

CPR/AED Student Handbook

First Aid Student Handbook

Pediatric CPR/First Aid Handbook English

Pediatric CPR/First Aid Handbook Spanish

Standard Precautions


Illness Surveillance Form

Diapering Procedure

Procedimiento para cambiar pañales

Exposure Incident Reporting Form

Full Exposure Control Plan

Summary Exposure Control Plan

Child Care Provider Illness Guidelines

Illness Policy

Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting

Adult Handwashing Procedures

Procedimientos de lavado de manos para adultos

Child Handwashing Procedures

Immunization Information

Immunization Certificate

Immunization Manual

Notice of Immunization Requirement & In-Process Form

Non-Medical Exemption Form

Terms & Conditions